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If Hope Dies – The Ground Is Rushing Up To Meet Us – CD Review

From the depths of utter brutality rising…. The Metalcore band If Hope Dies unleashes some sheer, apocalyptic hostility. Their 2004 opus, “The Ground Is Rushing Up To Meet Us” [Ironclad Recordings], is a brilliant execution of pure, brute force aggression. And it’s a killer thing.

Harsh, growls pierce frenzied and disjointedly perfect rhythmic barrages. Viciously precise guitars alternate between progressive leads and utter, crushing leads. Even with If Hope Dies‘ undiluted intensity, there is still a twisted melodious quality to it all. And don’t let their sometimes humorous song-titles fool you…If Hope Dies is massively heavy.

The best of these cataclysmic wonders includes “So It Goes,” the pulverizing glory of “The Hungry Ghost,” “Who Died And Made Us King,” “Roddy Piper’s Magic Sunglasses,” and the fiercely cool “The Taker Thunderbolt.” If Hope Dies is totally, unmercifully on the mark.

In conclusion, If Hope Dies has the subtle charm of a nuclear bomb. Ferocity is what separates the great from the cut-rate, and If Hope Dies has that in jagged spades. (Remember Pat Tillman… a true American hero and patriot.) Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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Copyright 2004.
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