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Spite at McReds 1/23/2000

Dave Campbell of Spite tearing it up at McReds - Photo: Brian MayI knew that when I got to McReds I was going to be in for an interesting night. The bar was smokey as hell, as my Carcinogen windbreaker still smells like smoke. McReds was full of older people, not nearly as packed as I thought it would be, but that just means the show will be more personal.

When Spite (Boone – Vocals, Dave Campbell – Guitars, Byron McDonald – Drums, Josh Pratt – Bass) took the stage at around 10pm, if you were trying to have a conversation with anyone in the place it would have stopped instantly. Spite filled McReds with their heavy, southern sound.

Boone of Spite at McReds - Photo: Brian MayThe first thing that struck me as strange is that the drummer Byron was wearing a g-string.. that’s all. Then as the band played they were spitting beer on each other as they played. I dunno.. maybe I’m not hip with the kids, but that’s odd. But who cares, the band freaking rocks! Songs that were played that night included ‘Thin and Getting Thinner‘, ‘You and I‘, ‘Spine‘, ‘Typical‘, ‘Calipornia‘, ‘Box of Chocolates‘, and my favorite Spite song ‘Beautiful‘. Spite is really intense and insane on stage, you can totally see the animal inside in their eyes and Spite will tear you a new one with their brutal music. In different songs each member would yell out, or scream a certain way. I swear if these guys weren’t playing music they would be locked up in an asylum.

If you were into crowd watching, this was the show to see. It’s cool to see older people rock out to music.. funny to see older drunk people dance like Indians to hard music. At one point in the set, two male audience members pulled down their pants to their feet, keeping their underwear on (THANKFULLY), and started to dance. No doubt thanks to Byron and his g-string. UPDATE 1/27/00: I have been informed that someone actually did drop the underoos. Glad I missed that! – MB

Check this band out. They have a CD out on Prosthetic Records. You can get the CD at CDNOW.com. Many thanks to E.J. at Metal Blade.

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