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Troubadour 11/6/00 : Allergic’s CD Release Party

Welcome kids, to another edition of the Free Monday’s at the Troubadour, featuring Allergic’s new demo CD! Yes, this show kicked some major ass, not because it was a free show, but because all the bands that played, put you in your place and kicked your ass! Tribe Sapien : Photo by - Brian MayThe first band of the evening was a band that I had never seen before, a band called Tribe Sapien. The very first thing you see on the stage is two HUGE tiki statues, which breathe smoke. All of the members have their face painted and yes, they sound very tribal. The bassist and the guitarist’s instruments looked to me home-made, as I have never seen shapes like that on a bass or guitar. Or maybe I’m just a sucker, but whatever, the instruments looked cool. Yes, the members of Tribe Sapien play/abuse/smack their instruments very well. Tribe Sapien has two vocalists, one is like a emcee and the other has a very melodic voice. This is one kick ass band. Some of the songs played include ‘Free Spirit‘, ‘Fear‘ and ‘Easterner‘.

Gifted : Photo by - Brian MayNext up was Gifted and they tore everyone a new a hole. This band just gets better and better every time I see them. Gifted opened up their set with ‘Secret‘, followed by ‘American-Written‘. I know you are asking me, Metalboy, did the Emmett Fahringer (vocals) have blue hair like last time? Sorry kids, no blue hair, but just as nuts on stage as the last few times. If you haven’t seen Gifted play before, you should. You will thank me for it. One of Gifted’s songs that I can’t get out of my head, which is a good thing, is ‘Beautiful Invalid‘ which Gifted ended their set with.

Allergic : Photo by - Brian MayNext up was Allergic, the men of the hour. Allergic was giving away their new and first demo with this line up. Remember Flambookey? Well, the line up has changed, and became Nfusion. Then changed once again to Allergic. The members include Joey C (drums), Johnny B (bass), Colin Crow (guitars) and Scot (vocals). Yes, I got a copy of the disc, so a review of it will be coming shortly. I’ve seen Joey C and Johnny B play in LA for a few years now and these boys pound the crap out of their equipment! Colin and Scot are new to my ears and they compliment Joey C and Johnny very well. This band creates so much energy on stage that it infests the crowd and makes them move even harder. Check out Allergic if you get the chance!

Agrokulcher : Photo by - Brian MayAgrokulcher was the next band on stage, and what a set it was! Matt, Jesse, Bill and Gordon totally kicked ass. Set list included ‘God‘, ‘Fade Away‘, ‘All Inside Me‘, ‘Song #5‘, ‘Outer Space‘ plus others. Agrokulcher also played a new song, which was untitled and really good.

Chiselhead : Photo by - Brian MayThe last band was Chiselhead, a mixture of metal and funk. It took me a while to actually get to see Chiselhead actually play. With the singer playing drums in Mygrain, and with Chiselhead playing very few amounts of shows in the last year, it has been a little difficult. But I have seen them play now, and that’s what counts right? Well, I enjoyed their set, and I will definitely see them again. Overall the night was awesome!


Image thanks to Stricken!

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