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The Newlydeads at the Galaxy Theatre – 11.27.99

The Newlydeads at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana - Photo: Brian MayDon’t you just hate technical difficulties? I mean it’s such a major bummer knowing the potential of a band that you’re familiar with then going to see them and watching them suffer through a set with a black cloud hovering over it. This was unfortunately the fate of Taime Downe and The Newlydeads last Saturday night.

Not only did the band hit the stage ready to give it their all with a potentially brutal version of “Denial” (from their early Mutiny Records release “The Newlydeads”) to open, but they muddled through “Hot Pink”, “Severed”, and “Submission” with the all of the professionalism of veteran soldiers. Toddity struggled with guitar and sound trouble, Taime had the flu and we could barely find Dish (drums) due to the fact that the Galaxy was void of a decent drum riser on the stage. They had an abundance of security guards though! BIG ones! Luckily, if the bassist and guitarist, Danny or Xtian had any trouble, I didn’t notice.

Let me be first to say that I’ve seen this band perform enough times to know exactly what their capabilities are and they are nothing short of kick ass. I have successfully turned several people on to their music and they are definitely a force to be reckoned with when they are housed properly. They’ve had no trouble at Dragonfly or the Whisky in the past. In fact, they are one of the very best bands I’ve seen live. I would recommend that anyone who likes their music with equal portions of industrial guitars and bondage gear go and see them as soon as humanly possible.

In all fairness, I am going to re-review their show after their next gig. Watch for that and an in-depth interview with Taime and Toddity that will reveal the plans for the New Year and beyond.

Lesa Pence

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