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Systematic at the Troubadour – 12.18.99

I knew it would be good. There was no doubt in my mind about how things were going to go. I just don’t think I was prepared to be as moved by it as I was. Systematic literally took the stage at the Troubadour on Saturday night and turned that place upside down. I went right along with it.

The opening song, “Dopesick“, was the very first song I had ever heard by Systematic so it seemed fitting that the first time I was able to see them perform, they magically chose the song that introduced their sound to me. The song is heavy, intense, and melodic, truly defining the band and their sound. Tim Narducci welcomed the audience with approachable stage presence, and held their attention with powerful vocal ability and silky guitar chords that seemed to become razor sharp at just the right moments.

After heating things up with “Dopesick”, Systematic introduced three blistering new songs that will, hopefully, be making their debut on their first official release with TMC/Elektra in the Spring of the coming year. “Beginning of the End“, “Crawlspace“, and “Liar’s Dice” were all equally mind blowing in the way that each song had that signature, heartbreaking, yet heavy chorus that somehow stays with you long after you’ve heard it only once.

The band went into “Paydirt“, an amazing new version of “Bedsores“, “Slowburn“, a brutal performance of “Deep Colors Bleed” and then ended the set with “Of a Lesser God“; all songs from the “Demonstrations Vol.1 and Vol. 2” demo CDs. Adam Ruppel (lead guitar) and Nick St. Denis (bass) rocked so hard on either side of the stage; it seemed as if they were going to levitate from the sheer energy they were both giving off. These two are true musicians in every sense of the word and they know exactly how to make the audience move. All I could think of when it came to Phillip Bailey‘s drumming style was the word ‘solid’. He is so fucking solid.

Every single song from the set was executed with what seemed like effortless and straightforward technique. They make being that good look so easy! Just know that when it comes to Systematic, you had better be ready to listen to quality songs with zero attitude and large amounts of integrity. This band is about the music, for the music. Period.

Sincere congratulations to the band on their hard work and talent and the inevitable signing with the label. Special thanks to Nick John and the members of Systematic for bringing us out to the show and for their continued support of UnEarthed.com.

Lesa Pence

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