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Earth To Andy at the Roxy – 11.22.99

Andy from Earth to Andy on stage at the Roxy - photo: Brian MayThe first thought that came to my head when I saw Earth To Andy the other night was “Wow! These guys can really sing”! It was a shock to my system to have attended a show where four guys in a really polished and professional band not only had a positive message for their supportive audience, but they were extremely talented and could actually sing. I mean really sing. The entire set was nearly absent of the hardcore yelling and severe guitars I’ve become so accustomed to. Not that I don’t love that stuff; don’t get me wrong! It was just… refreshing, I guess.

I even remember noticing how people who were attending looked so “normal” for a change. Arriving outside the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, one would usually find a bright and colorful cast of characters waiting in line but this Monday night would be like any other you might spend at someone’s house for a few casual drinks with friends. Earth To Andy’s performance had the same feel to it, relaxed and hospitable.

Chris Reardon from  Earth to Andy - photo: Brian MayThe band was in town supporting their new release, “Chronicle Kings(Giant Records) which was very well produced by Nick Launay, who happened to be attending, and who has worked with bands like Silverchair and INXS. They entertained us with a melodic, Stone Temple Pilots-influenced, collection of songs from the debut CD including “Biting at My Heels”, “Still After You”, Simple Machine”, and the song “Sometimes” which incorporated some help on back up vocals from Tara of Joydrop, who have shared the tour with them.

“Everafter” was the song that stood out the most to me and instantly showcased the individual vocal and guitar talents of Andy (just Andy), and Tony Lopacinski, Chris Reardon (bass), with Kevin Murphy solidly backing the three of them on drums. Just as enjoyable were “Pollute”, “The Buffalo”, and a song they dedicated to the Hollywood audience, “Kalifornia”.

The live performance is as energetic as it is welcoming and people were really getting into them. It was a very enjoyable show to say the least. I would recommend Earth to Andy’s live show and “Chronicle Kings” to anyone who can appreciate true musicianship, melody and good songwriting with a positive and (dare I say it?) wholesome message without having to be The Backstreet Boys to pull it off.

Lesa Pence

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