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DIESEL 11/17 @ Dragonfly


Straight out of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, these four boys have only been in LA for 7 weeks, and already they're stirring up quite a bit of attention in the music world. I attended Diesel's packed show at the Dragonfly last Saturday night just to see for myself what all the hullabaloo was about…and I'm glad I did. I experienced first hand what powerful hard rock might sound like in a third world country. Gustavo Drummond (vocals, guitar), Jean Dolabella (drums), Leo Marques (guitar), and TC (bass) wasted no time in fueling the US with their pure, unleaded energy. Almost as immediately as the young band started getting gigs in LA, they caught the industry on fire – and major labels have been vying for a spot in front of the stage ever since.

After smoking several pre-show one-hits out back and talking to the band's very cool manager, I pushed my way through the crowded club to get a view of the stage. I couldn't afford to miss their opening. I was blown away immediately by my first impression of them. Starting the show with an epic song about his father's suicide, Gustavo sang so powerfully and passionately the words to “Burn My Hand“. I was taken. His vocals range from high note howls as clear as a bell to low grunting growls…like a throat full of gravel. Gustavo and bare footed guitarist, Leo trade off on lead riffs while Jean holds his own behind the kit…but it's really TC that held my attention the most. He plays a ferocious bass! As if he had a personal vendetta against his five string, he beat the thing into submission while maniacally thrashing his dreads and spitting into the air. Anyone within 5 feet of the stage would need an umbrella to shield themselves from his sweat and spit.

My favorite Diesel song was “4D“. Heavy hitting, fervent, impressive. And visually entertaining with jumping in unison. Even when Gustavo broke a string on their last song, they handled it well and kept on playing like troopers.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome DIESEL! Keep your eyes and ears open for them and catch them live as soon as you can. You may not have many chances to hang out with them in an intimate, small-club environment for much longer. There's no doubt they're on their way to rock super-stardom. My guess is they're signed to a major before Christmas.


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