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The Birthday Massacre at the Hawthorne Theatre

The December 4th performance by The Birthday Massacre at the Hawthorne Theatre was their best performance yet and easily in the top 5 that I have ever seen. If it was a Mortal Kombat fight, it would have been a “Flawless Victory!!” TBM took control of the Hawthorn Theatre and had everyone yelling “We want more!”

They played a few of my favorites, starting out with Red Stars, followed by a trio of songs from the new album Superstition including Diaries and Superstition. The rest of the main set included songs from their previous records including Always, Video Kid, Lovers End, Blue and more new songs which included Beyond. The encore had three songs ending the night with The Birthday Massacre. 

The sound was perfect for the club. I didn’t even need my ear plugs as the sound was at the perfect level to be loud and dynamic without over powering my ears.

I don’t know how any set will top this, but I do know that I can’t wait to see the Birthday Massacre again.

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