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April 2, 2001 – Troubadour: Freakhouse, Two Hit Creeper, Agrokulcher, Depswa, Fencekiller

Where’s the party at? You know! It’s at the Troubadour baby! I was really looking forward to this show because it was the first time in LA that Two Hit Creeper was to play as a four piece. That and the bill just kicked ass!

FreakhouseThe first band, Freakhouse was a great band and by the vocalists words, he was happy to be on a bill that fit their music. This four piece band had a nice groove and feel to their set, which included songs called `Senseless‘, ‘Hypnotica‘, `Enemy‘ and my favorite tune, `Disconnected‘. `Disconnected‘ was a KILLER tune, that I think had radio play all over it. Just don’t look at KROQ to play it, Freakhouse isn’t trendy enough to be on KROQ, which is fine with me! The drummer for this band is simply a amazing! A few local drummers came up to me and said that “this guys is good!” Before the last song of the night, the drummer did a drum solo. I swear to you, this guy either sold his soul to the Devil or is just that damn good! My jaw dropped as did most of the people around me. He is my new drummer god.

Two Hit CreeperUp next was the band who owned the show, Two Hit Creeper. It has been a few months since Two Hit played in the LA area, fine tuning the sound and making sure everything was up to Jim (guitar) and Mike‘s (vocals/accordion/samples) standards. The new members, Alan (bass – formerly of Droid) and Dino (drums – formerly of Murder in Exile) round out the new Two Hit Creeper. Both adding experience and power to the group. From the new creepy intro, you knew that you were in for something powerful and dreadful at the same time. The first song, `My One Rant‘ Two Hit Creeper took control of the Troubadour. If you saw Two Hit Creeper before, you are in for a surprise (same with if you haven’t seen Two Hit), this band is so much louder and larger. It’s really hard to explain. The sound is still what you would expect from Two Hit Creeper, but a lot bigger.

There are a few popular hard bands out there right now and they better prepared for what is coming their way. In my opinion, Two Hit blasts them out of the water. Anyway, back to the show. After each of the songs, there was a pause of silence (this was after the applause had stopped) which made the set even more creepy. Sort of like when you were a kid sleeping out in the woods, pitch black and your heard a noise that just might be a bear or wolf that may attack. You know that feeling of fear and anticipation? Well, that’s what I felt. Two Hit’s set was rounded out with `Jack Lovely‘, `Harmless‘, `Shoe Size‘, `Frame‘, `Wetkoun‘ and `Pull Ourselves Back‘. If you haven’t seen Two Hit Creeper as a four piece band see them now while you still can! I just have this gut feeling that they will be touring very soon and stopping in LA every 7 months.

DepswaDepswa took the stage with a tribal intro and proceeded to kick our collective ass with `Faithless‘ and newer Depswa tunes including `Lessons‘ and `Charades‘. Jeremy (vocals/guitar), Dan (guitar), Ryan (bass) and Collin (drums) have all progressed nicely since I first saw them at the Coconut Teaszer almost a year and a half ago, constantly blowing me away with the new material. It’s just amazing what a group of people can come up with.

AgrokulcherNext up was Agrokulcher. Matt (vocals), Gordon (drums), Jesse (Guitar) and Bill (bass) played another killer set with songs like `Bleed For Me‘, `Get Killed‘, `Outer Space‘ and a new untitled tune that I can’t get out of my head. This band continues to amaze me every time their wicked minds create a new song. It just keeps getting better and better. I love that.

Unfortunately I missed Fencekiller, but I will keep my eye out for the next time that they play.


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