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Agrokulcher, Chapter 23, Weirdhead, Strict 9, Thousand Yard Stare at the Troubadour – 12.6.99

Thousand Yard Stare at the Troubadour - Photo: Brian May(Metal Boy helped out a little too.)
I’m always down for a free show at the Troubadour, especially when the line up is really cool. There always seems to be a good atmosphere and a decent turn out for free Mondays. Last night was no exception. Getting there early paid off pretty well. I had a really yummy custom-made Bailey’s and butterscotch coffee to ward off the chills and waited for the first band of the night to come on.

Strict 9 are a 4-piece, straightforward, hard rock band that used stripped down and back-to-basics melodies. It seemed that they had several close friends and family members in attendance that enthusiastically supported their show.

Unfortunately I missed this band. This was one of 2 bands that I have not seen before, so I was a tad bit upset that I missed them. Until next time..

Next on the bill was Weird Head who, with 6 guys, including an extra percussionist, played an energetic and enjoyable set. The material was loud and funky, with a large dose of slap bass, flanger guitar effects and lots of vocal contribution from just about everyone in the band.

This was my first experience with Weird Head even though I have seen the lead singer of Weirdhead at just about every show that I’ve gone to, so it was cool so see him and the band perform. Parts of the songs reminded me of the old Ugly Kid Joe EP. Very cool.

Matt from Agrokulcher at the Troubadour - Photo: Brian MayThe dual headliners were Agrokulcher and Chapter 23 who both put on the most killer performances. I think I’m spoiled now. Los Angeles is so full of talent that it has become the “norm” to have my mind blown on a nightly basis. Speaking of talent, Agrokulcher have easily become one of my top 3 favorite local bands. I think that if a label scout had been in last night’s audience, Agrokulcher would have been signed on the spot after putting on such a strong set. (And the new songs kick ass!)

Yadda yadda, Agrokulcher, yadda yadda. I mean really, what do I need to say? Agrokulcher is one of my favorite bands and AK keeps getting better every time I see them. With the addition of ‘Pressure‘, ‘All Inside Me‘ and ‘Bleed For Me‘ to AK’s arsenal of songs, you will feel the assault of AK. Yes.. even you Grandpa and Billy! Along with the new AK songs, ‘Renee‘, ‘Run‘ (one of two old school AK songs that still appear on the set lists, can you tell me the other?*), ‘God‘ and ‘Song #5‘ were played. The crowd was so into AK that when the set was finished, the crowd made AK play one more song, ‘Fade Away‘.

The Chapter 23 guys are so damn cool that I’d go and see them any time …anywhere. They are always a lot of fun to watch and to listen to, and I really love the way they set the tone with the opening “Who’s down..” intro. The guitars on that song are menacing and hypnotic. The rest of the set was just as aggressive as it was enjoyable. Chapter 23 is not to be missed. I know I’m going to be back for more.

Chapter 23 at the Troubadour - Photo: Brian May“Who’s down with the Chapter 23?” everyone and their mother should be! I can still remember the first time seeing Chapter 23 at the Coconut Teazser many months ago and since then, they have improved so much, they have intensified their performance. Their set was as follows, ‘Down‘, ‘Back to the Womb‘, ‘M.V.O.‘ (old school Chapter song, ‘Freeload Theory‘ , ‘Run‘ (a new Chapter 23 song that is insane!) and ‘Bring it On‘. Much thanks to Jerry and the rest of Chapter 23. I should also point out that Jerry is “the Ultimate Pokemon Master“; he said so.

Just after midnight, Thousand Yard Stare took the stage and cleared the floor with diehard moshers. These guys are like pitbulls unleashed on the unsuspecting audience. The sound was heavy on the ears, edgy and rapcore-based and it seemed to get even a girl or two who were still there into the pit.

This was my third time seeing TYS and their first time at the Troubadour. The intensity that the lead singer has is nuts, and if I remember correctly he’s only 18. This band has a lot of potential, so keep a lookout for Thousand Yard Stare!!

Be sure to catch any or all of the bands that played last night at future shows. See you there!

* Email me and the first person to name the song correctly will get a brand spanking new UE T-Shirt! Sorry band members of AK, Management and family members are not eligible. (10 to 1 you’ll be getting one anyways..)
HINT: The answer is on a UE review.

Lesa Pence
Brian May

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