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30 Seconds to Mars – Troubadour – August 8, 2002

30 Seconds to Mars - Photo by Brian MayA line of excited sophisticates and hopeful fans snaked down the length of the sidewalk and bordered Doug Westin's Troubadour last night before filling the club to the brim. It was a sold out show, perhaps even oversold, but friends and fans of 30 Seconds To Mars didn't seem to mind the packed house. They were pumped up in anticipation of the band's first stellar performance before heading out on the road to launch a full-scale attack on the U.S. alongside Incubus beginning in Reno, Nevada on August 31st.

Undeniably, the most notable member is Jared Leto, who arrived last onstage to lead the four-piece with searing guitars, crystal clear vocals, and a barrage of one glittering, space rock, powerhouse song after another – pausing only to give sincere thanks to their Los Angeles audience and to express how excited they were to be there playing for us.30 Seconds to Mars - Photo by Brian May Leto's probably got more to prove than the average starving musician. He's got several major movie roles under his belt (Fight Club, Requiem For A Dream) and a stint on one of the most beloved teen angst series ever made (My So-Called Life). Uninformed critics might be quick to dismiss the abilities of this “heartthrob actor slash musician”, but they would be making a big mistake. Not only can Jared Leto play that guitar hanging around his neck; he can sing his ass off, write songs, and he knows how to work a stage. His cohorts are no easier to dismiss. They all play like seasoned pros, although in Leto's own words, “In many ways, we are a brand new band.”

30 Seconds to Mars - Photo by Brian MayThe songs are layered, lush, and atmospheric following the futuristic conceptual feel of the self-titled debut release, which embodies elements of science fiction fantasy, set to an explosive rock battle with the universe and their inner demons. Watching 30 Seconds to Mars perform was truly an enjoyable, and engaging experience. The feel of the live show was reminiscent of early David Bowie infused with The Cure, but the sound was completely unique.

Fans were treated to track after track from the upcoming disc including “Edge of the Earth“, “Buddha For Mary“, “Echelon” and the crushing and beautiful single “Capricorn“, which inspired several fans to come out from the audience and up onto the stage to rock and chant the lyrics right beside the band members who happily obliged them. (My personal favorite track from the disc is “93 Million Miles“.)

30 Seconds to Mars - Photo by Brian May30 Seconds To Mars are definitely on the way up. They are already setting things ablaze here on Earth, so it's a sure thing that they will be lighting up the entire horizon in the very near future. Just make sure you've got your shades on when you stare into the sky to find them. You wouldn't want to damage your eyes. You'll need them because you're definitely going to want to see – and hear – this band.

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