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White Stripes – Elephant – CD Review

In the modern Retro Punk movement, there is one band that stands leagues ahead of the rest. That band is The White Stripes. Their 2003 opus, “Elephant” [V2 Records], is the archetype for great Retro Punk. It infuses a vibrant, heavy-gauge Blues inflection into their already highly skilled style.

Brother-and-sister duo, Jack & Meg White, successfully implement good chemistry as well as power. Solid songwriting is equally matched with great talent. Jack‘s combination of beer-bottle Blues and old school Punk bash is amazing. Meg‘s drumming is loose, but perfectly suited for The White Stripes. (And she’s cute as a button to boot!)

Jack‘s vocal yowl fits with the intense, yet soulful White Stripes‘ dynamic. The harmonies are flawless, but infrequently used. And Meg‘s soft, unpolished voice takes the lead on a few tracks (e.g. “Well It’s True That We Love One Another,” etc.).

The best of these excellent cuts includes the rollicking stomp of “Black Math,” “Seven Nation Army,” the ecstatic roar of “Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine,” the humorous “Little Acorns,” and the Bluesy genius of “Ball And Biscuit.” The White Stripes slam-it-out with skill, style, and intensity.

Overall, The White Stripes make great Retro Punk. “Elephant” is easily one of the Best Releases of 2003. It’s as cool as that. Stay savage. Farewell.

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