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Transport League – Grand Amputation – CD Review

It has been ages since any truly great Deathrock has destroyed the status quo.  Even the mighty Entombed has dulled a bit.  But at last, the glory has returned….

The dynamic, visceral band Transport League has released their 2003 opus, “Grand Amputation” [Crash Inc. Records].  Transport League‘s style fluidly mixes Deathrock with elements of Hardcore, creating a powerful, churning cataclysm of sublime brutality.  It’s as pristine as it is primal—saturated with crushing grooves and frantic rhythms.

Clean and growled vocals blast forth interchangeably with flawless transitions.  Massive tempo changes occur without loss of momentum.  Transport League is a scorched-earth, Act of God phenomenon—amazing, brutal, and enthralling.

The best of these fiery cuts includes “El Gordo,” the bipolar aggression of “Disconnect Massconnect,” “Safe (Houdini),” the manic roar of “Lobotomico,” and the fierce “Slack-Wrist-Smack.”  Transport League burns it to ground.

In summary, Transport League has released one of the BEST ALBUMS OF 2003.  It’s as short, sharp, and sweet as a bloody razor.  Stay savage.  Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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