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Ten Years And Running – MxPx – CD Review

Washington based Pop Punk stalwarts MxPx (their name being a modified form of their previous moniker, Magnified Plaid) have been stompin' and rompin' around the scene now for a decade…long before it was cool or trendy to do so.

Their latest, “Ten Years And Running” [Tooth & Nail Records], is a compilation of historical cuts. Although there are some great tracks missing, it is a good representational sampling of the MxPx arsenal. Add that alone is reason enough to get it.

The MxPx sound uses clean vocals with a strong, melodic Pop nuance ala Bad Religion and Face To Face. Then, adding a denser feel than most bands from this style, they implement a greater Hardcore inflection lost on most Pop Punk bands. These factors make for an edgier, and much better sound.

The most memorable cuts include “Tomorrow's Another Day,” “The Broken Bones,” the energetic “Punk Rawk Show,” “Running Away,” and the live track “Middle Name.”

Overall, it's a fine set of Punk Rock gems that's a must for fans of the genre. MxPx has a quality that lasts. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. Peace.

Bill Vogel III
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