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Stitch CD Review

Riotpolice, the opening track to Stitch’s I:AND:I Records release really sets the heavy, tribal mood that Stitch has. Colorblind is a song about hate, and when people don’t understand something, it must be bad. “all that you don’t know you hate/work out your hate/cuz it doesn’t matter anyway.” To me this song and the band as a whole, is a mixture of Biohazard and Sepultura, lyrically and musically. Cholo and Noose are also very heavy tunes.

There are a few tracks that really stand out as personal experience of pain. Liar, Cuidado and Stir are extremely powerful and emotional songs. No, they aren’t ballads, they are balls out, hard songs. Here are a few lines fromStir: “Alone/destined to die alone/afraid/lost without a home/I thought/I thought I’d find my way/but each road brought me back this way”

Oldworld Underground is a song about the past and how it influences us today. Like the rest of Stitch songs, Oldworld Underground is intense.

Stitch has a good word to spread, just because you don’t know something, or someone is different that you, does not mean that you should put that person down or hate. Stitch is also heavy as hell. If you like Sepultura or Soulfy, or just enjoy the heavy side of music, check Stitch out, you’ll be glad you did. http://www.stitchweb.com/

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