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One recent night at the Whisky prior to the Ultraspank/Prizefighter/Infusion show, I was overwhelmed with the desire to know what was emanating from the sound system. I bolted upstairs before the sound dude had a chance to switch gears on me, and asked him what was turning my sense of hearing on so much. Said sound dude pointed out the singer of that very band who was mingling downstairs. I introduced myself to a very polite, very pierced guy named Skum, who was kind enough to cross my palm with the demo. Apparently, I had been listening to a band called Skumlove.

If you’re not fully aware of what is playing right away, one might mistake this band for Professional Murder Music, or Orgy; but a closer listen will prove that theory wrong. A longtime fan of industrial/goth electronic music, would easily differentiate one band from another, merely based upon the programming skills, the content of the songs, or vocal characteristics of an especially charismatic front man (circa 16 Volt). Skumlove does a fine job of introducing the listener to the possibilities of the future of music, and creating their own niche in the process.

The first attention-grabbing track from the demo, entitled ‘Ego’ is a good candidate for single status, if there were a decent radio station in existence. Nevertheless, local bondage/goth clubs like Coven 13 and Perversion would eat this up. It’s catchy, has a memorable opening beat, and some just-evil-enough, Manson-esque whispering vocals. This track would also make the average set of Beaver Cleaver parents concerned if played loudly enough while applying black lipstick and matching eyeliner. (Just a serving suggestion, of course.)

A lovely sample of manic Satan worshipping ensues, then ‘Supersonic Deathride’ kicks in with a more Rob Zombie, disco, techno feel to it. Play this song so that you can test out your dancing shoes before you leave the house.

The final track ‘So Cold’ creeps along with that gloomy bass line that sounds like a dose of heroin slithering through your veins. Perfect for after party meltdown. Save this one for when you get home, look in the mirror at yourself, and realize that the person you gave your phone number to is never going to call.

For more information, or to get your own copy of this very cool demo, email the band at skumlove@aol.com. Be sure to keep an evil eye out for Skumlove lurking in a corner near you.

Lesa Pence
–  lesa@unearthed.com

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