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Premonitions Of War – Left In Kowloon – CD Review

Brutal and amazing, Premonitions Of War leaves a trail of beautiful destruction in their wake. Their 2004 epic, “Left In Kowloon” [Victory Records], is an epic of Metalcore brutality purified in the forge of Hell’s flames. Premonitions Of War is harsh, dynamic, and extremely amazing.

The fact is, Premonitions Of War is as brutal as Hell. Tight, frenzied rhythms pulverize through massive bombardments of crushing guitar roar. The vocals are a fierce, relentless barrage of skull-crushing, shrieking growls. Premonitions Of War has an utter, savage charm that is like the inside view of an auto body crusher.

The best of these vicious wonders includes the snarling radiance of “Night Soil,” “One Constant Volume,” the obliterating “Stolen Breath,” “Cables Hum Overhead,” “Dim Light District,” and the ominous intensity of “Mother Night Revisited.” Premonitions Of War is one of the BEST NEW BANDS of 2004.

Don’t skip this one! Premonitions Of War is simply stunning….

In final thoughts, Premonitions Of War is as powerful a 3,000 pound daisy cutter bomb strike. This one is guaranteed to crack your spine. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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