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Peccatum – Lost In Reverie – CD Review

In the world of Ambient/Darkwave/Industrial Black Metal, Peccatum is the apex model. Their 2004 opus, “Lost In Reverie” [The End Records], is both desolate and beautiful. It is eclectic, eerie, and vast in its scope.

The Peccatum aesthetic fuses clean vocals with low intensity shrieks. Keyboards, female vocals (with an angelic, ghostlike radiance), and symphonic instruments are used liberally, as well as expansive portions of atmospheric ambience. It’s a dark, brooding journey of sublime grimness. Peccatum is avant-garde, and very bleak.

The best cuts include “Stillness,” the poetic and tenebrous “The Banks Of This River Is Night,” “Parasite My Heart,” the wasteland beauty of “Desolate Ever After,” “Black Star,” and the abysmal glory of “In The Bodiless Heart.” Peccatum is surreal, stark, and serenely powerful.

In summary, Peccatum is a creepy cool amalgamation of styles and somber severity. They’re not brutal, but they are extreme. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.

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