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Occult – Elegy For The Weak – CD Review

One of the greatest Brutal Death Metal bands ever, Occult, has returned with a burning fury. Their 2004 opus of blunt force brilliance, the aptly titled “Elegy For The Weak” [Candlelight Records], is a superb example of the beauty of brutality. It’s harsh and enthralling-no wonder their legends.

Crushing grooves blast through dense barrages of frenzied, air-tight rhythms. A combination of shrieking growls and guttural roars crown this storm of razor-sharp aggression. Occult is dynamic, intense, and mesmerizing.

The best of these beasts includes “Reapers Call,” the cataclysmic glory of “Nocturnal Predator,” “Nuclear Torment,” the furious assault of “Obsessed By The Grave,” and “Disturbing The Dead.” Occult has an epic harshness that is amazing and powerful.

Overall, Occult has only gotten better with time. “Elegy For The Weak” is destined to be a Brutal Death Metal classic. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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