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Nonpoint – Development – CD Review

The second release by Nonpoint, titled “Development” [MCA Records], is a winner. Continuing solidly in their own, unique style, they've gotten slightly more melodic without losing any of their edge. Nonpoint mixes the jagged and the melodic aspects of their sound into a beautiful, snarling roar.

The Nonpoint method is an extremely melodic form of Aggro Metal, fusing elements of Melodic Hardcore, Thrash, and tinges of Emo. The vocals are clean but often aggressive-shifting from powerful yells to softer howls. The guitars are tight, melodic, and catchy. And rhythms are intense.

Songs of exceptional note include the melodious fury of “Circles,” “Excessive Reaction,” “My Own Sake,” and my favorite one, “Your Signs.” Nonpoint successfully combines forcefulness, grooves, and beauty. And they do so brilliantly.

Overall, Nonpoint takes “Development” to a new level. And surpass the rest.

Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. Peace.

Bill Vogel III
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