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Melechesh – Sphinx – CD Review

Eccentric and edgy, the band Melechesh takes Death Metal to new places of extremity. Their 2004 opus, “Sphinx” [The End Records], is this Israeli act’s most adventurous and avant-garde work yet. Dripping in Middle Eastern influences, it bleeds a serene darkness.

Odd-timing, Middle Eastern and Near Eastern instrumentations build multiple layers of atmospheric aggression. The songs are complex, and expansive. Blackened, shrieking vocals crawl through the behemoth instrumentals. Melechesh is Black/Death Metal with a tenebrous, intricate edge.

The most stunning of these ethereal epics includes the eerie instrumental “The Arrival Ritual,” the fierce explosiveness of the crazed “Apkallu Counsel,” “Of Mercy And Mercury,” the powerful “Babylon Fell,” and “Purifier Of The Stars.” Melechesh is severe, intense, and extremely killer.

Overall, Melechesh is surreal and severe. This one is as monumental as the Sphinx itself. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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