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How It Ends – So Shall It Be – CD Review

This is How It Ends is–brutal Death/Sludgecore genius without a single weakness. Their debut, “So Shall It Be” [Thorp Records], makes Crowbar seem absolutely placid in comparison. How It Ends strikes the aggression vein, and bleeds it dry.

Combining powerful grooves with a visceral intensity, How It Ends adds a new vitality to the Sludgecore slugfest. Razor-sharp, growled vocals burn through massive, sludgy guitar blasts radiating from molten waves of aggression. Rhythms are tight, and as heavy as the Hell.

The best of these killer cuts includes the fiery bombast of “Dying Eyes,” “Still Bleeding,” “Crippled,” the punishing “Hardest Lesson,” and the primal beauty of “Empty Nothing Forever.” How It Ends takes it to the cataclysm of extremity, and without losing a glimmer of dark glory.

Overall, How It Ends is viciously sublime. Devotees of Extreme Music styles will be well pleased with this one. If this is How It Ends, then finality has never been so sweet. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. Peace.

Bill Vogel III
Email at: StrangeAeons@hatebox.net
Copyright 2003.
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