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Halfcocked – The Last Star CD Review

HalfcockedWhat is it that they say? Behind every good man is a good woman? Well, in this case, it’s a woman up front, but the boys are playing really nice with the girls. And while they play, they’re getting down and dirty for all of us to watch, listen to, and enjoy. Have I got your attention?

Halfcocked are a sexy, Boston-based, punk-influenced rock band that have slithered their way into the veins of the Hollywood club circuit, and right into the glitter-dusted hands of Spider One of Powerman 5000‘s new Megatronic label distributed by Dreamworks Records. As fate would have it, I have been lucky enough to have seen Halfcocked play a couple of shows in town; namely an amazing performance at the Whisky a Go-Go that left a strong impression on not only myself, but on the rest of the audience. We all knew this band was already on the way up. It was only a matter of time before I would be on the mission for the CD.

When you see Halfcocked play, vocalist Sarah literally purrs into the microphone, and works the stage like a true rock diva. On the debut release The Last Star, her velvety sensuality comes across with the same in-your-face attitude that she emotes in her live performances. Upon a first listen to this CD, it’s easy to visualize the rest of the band rocking their way through each track right along with her while they were in the recording process. It even sounds like they were having a great time while they did so. Now, that’s my idea of a dream job!

Favorite tracks from The Last Star include the instantly memorable “I Lied“, “All By Myself“, “Over“, and “Thanks for the Ride“. Every song is packed with pure, raucous rock n’ roll with an extra helping of those undeniably wicked feminine wiles. Don’t let the perfume and the fishnets fool you, though. It’s not about girls vs. boys. Not at all! Halfcocked have a couple of boys in it, (thus the term “half cocked” – get it?) but the male element isn’t there due to any lack of balls, or metal muscle. Halfcocked as a band are loud and strong in every sense of the word.

The Last Star is really good stuff. No bubblegum, no pom-poms, and no soda pop. It’s more along the lines of a good shot of Jack, a dangling cigarette, and a leather jacket. The Halfcocked sound is huge, and my prediction is that they will have a fanbase to match in no time flat. The Last Star hits stores on May 22. Don’t miss it.

Lesa Pence

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