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Grotesqueuphoria – Euphoric Discordance – CD Review

Grotesqueuphoria, a new Death Metal band featuring former members of Butchery and Exuviate, has released their debut on Spinebuster Records. Titled “Euphoric Discordance,” it is Brutal Death Metal with flashes of Grindcore ferocity. And it obliterates….

The Grotesqueuphoria sound is basic and brutal–rhythms are tight, the guitars are precise with a Florida Style Death Metal inflections, and the vocals are a mid-range rumbling growl. Elements of Thrash and Grind sharpen the edge, while short, surreal guitar solos add a nice, deranged slant. There's a definite Suffocation/Monstrosity vibe to the Grotesqueuphoria assault tactic, but it works extremely well.

The best tracks from this opus include “Dead,” the malevolent barrage of “Sadistic Symphony,” “Shadow Of The Dwell,” and “Grotesque Mutation.” It's relentless, vicious, and frenzied in its gruesome glory.

In summary, Grotesqueuphoria has a crushing style that makes them a welcome addition to the madhouse. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. Peace.

Bill Vogel III
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