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Godhead – 2000 Years of Human Error – CD Review

godhead_-_2000_years_of_human_errorTrent Reznor helps Marilyn Manson break into the music scene… a few years later Manson helps NIN? Well not quite, but perhaps in a sense. Godhead is the first group signed to Marilyn’s PostHuman Records. Godhead‘s debut, 2000 Years of Human Error, has that same familiar industrialized sensation, as do earlier works from NIN (The Pretty Hate Machine era comes to mind first).

If there were such a concept as tranquil destruction, Godhead would fit the description. The music over all leaves the listener in a calm mood. Mix the common industrial concept with smooth, soft tones and you have Godhead. Jason Miller‘s voice compliments the music perfectly fading in and out at the perfect moments. The band has the very characteristics that make an excellent CD to fall asleep while listening to. Meanwhile, the lyrics strip down all sense of reality, proving the band has traditional “negative” gothic perceptions, just daring the listeners to examine their reality further.

This CD begins with The Reckoning, some of you may remember hearing this track in The Blair Witch 2. It has a slightly quicker pace than most of the other songs, but definitely an excellent song to kick it all off. The CD’s midpoint, Break You Down (also on the Dracula 2000 soundtrack) features guest vocals by none other than Marilyn himself. How can you end a CD such as this? Why not end it on a happy note with a track called I Hate Today? This song is primarily done on an acoustic/un-amplified guitar with soft vocals presenting very Manson-esque lyrics such as “I am the product of your hate. The one that you create…”

Already own `2000 Years’ and you still want more? After seeing the band on tour with Manson, and buying the CD; I found myself in this same position. The solution? While they may not be releasing a new CD for quite some time, Godhead do have older releases. (I searched my local record shops. Good luck with that.) My advice is to head over to CDNOW and pick up the Power Tool Stigmata CD. This pre-PostHuman recording features 14 tracks (two of which made it on to the 2000 Years release) along the same familiar lines as 2000 Years. For any other Godhead CDs, aside from these two; all I have to say is “Happy hunting on eBay!”

– Eric Atomic

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