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Full Frequency – Momentum

My old stomping grounds in Orange County, CA seems to be producing a breed of bands that don't suck! (hed) p.e., Sinder and Full Frequency to name just a few. Full Frequency's sound is a dash of techno mixed in with industrial flavoring. Released in 1997, Momentum has 10 tunes for you to listen to and to shake your groove thang to. Corey Lancaster (vocals/guitar) has a hypnotic voice that will keep you listening to the record for hours. Eric Sharp (keyboards/vocals), Shawn Sutherland (drums) and Chad Novosel (guitar) complete the Full Frequency lineup.

Track Listing:

Drop Down – 4:25
Taste – 3:42
Wire Trip – 3:52
Aggravation – 3:47
Harder – 4:12
Grounded – 3:57
Worthless – 3:59
Machine – 3:25
Suffocate – 3:46
Self-Annihilation – 4:22

Rating: 3.5/5

Thanks to college radio Full Frequency's Momentum reached #6 on the RPM charts for CMJ and at the 1999 Los Angeles Music Awards, Full Frequency won the award for Outstanding Techno/Industrial Artist. Full Frequency is doing something right, all you have to do is listen to the disc to figure that out. Full Frequency's disc was released on Gonzo! Records so if you want to stroll over to the site and pick up the disc, you can!


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