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Eternal Lies – Spiritual Deception – CD Review

The Swedish underground produces some amazing, brutal bands. One such act, Eternal Lies, returns Swedish Death Metal to its glorious foundations. Not since the early days of Sentenced has this style been so intricate, pristine, and primal.

Formed by former members of Fatal Embrace and Parazite, this manifestation of primordial radiance is pure ferocity. Their debut, “Spiritual Deception” [Arctic Music Group], shakes the pillars of Heaven. There is no refuge here.

Eternal Lies has an extremely tight, brutal sound. The rhythms are fast, but with plenty of thick, heavy groove. Hook is not sacrificed for speed, which usually is the tragic flaw of Swedish Style Death.

Bjorn Johansson's guitar playing is intricate, highly skilled in its brutality. This fluidly permeates the precise, powerful rhythms cut by Martin Karlsson (bass) and Conny Pettersson (drums). Tommy Gronberg's vocals are a somewhat shrill, crisp growl that explode inside of this fiery storm of sonic brilliance.

The fiercest of these killer cuts include the raging bombast of “Consecrate Life,” “Evaporate,” the visceral groove “Winter Breeze,” “By The Hands Of The Architect,” and the blistering “A Memory Of Lies.” Eternal Lies is a savage wonder of epic brutality.

In conclusion, this opus is a bright apocalypse that will a classic for aeons to come. And Eternal Lies is definitely one of the best new bands of 2003. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. Peace.

Bill Vogel III
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