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Decapitated – Negation – CD Review

Decapitated are one of the premiere acts in Melodic Death Metal, along with Vader. This Polish act’s 2004 opus, “Negation” [Wicked World/Earache Records], is as tight and blistering as they come. Intricate and fierce, Decapitated is a testimony to the fine art of brutality.

Decapitated is harsh and dynamic, fusing dense vocal growls with ornate guitar leads, frenzied rhythms, and relentless intensity. The feel is elaborate and powerful. Decapitated is viciously sublime. And they drive the hook in deep.

The best of these eviscerating cuts includes “Three-Dimensional Defect,” the aptly named “Fury,” “Negation,” the instrumental “Calling,” and the obliterating “Lunatic Of God’s Creation.” Decapitated is amazing, pure ferocity.

Overall, Decapitated has outdone themselves again. This release is an epic. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.

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