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Deathwitch – Violence, Blasphemy, Sodomy – CD Review

There is nothing quite like pure aggression, and Deathwitch is all about aggression. Their 2004 opus of blunt force brilliance, titled “Violence, Blasphemy, Sodomy” [Wicked World Records], is an old school Death Metal with enough hook to gut a brontosaurus. Deathwitch is highly-skilled extremity.

With a relentless, fiery assault, Deathwitch charges forward. Super tight, Thrash guitars form the skeleton of their ferocious sound. Crushing rhythms, frenetic and dense, give it added power. Raspy growls mix with guttural ones, unleashing utter mayhem. Deathwitch doesn’t do quiet time.

The best of these insane beasts includes the fierce “Flamethrower Carnival,” “Total Morbid,” the chaotic glory of “Worthless Scum,” and the aptly titled “Death Maniac.” Deathwitch is primal, pristine hostility….

Overall, Deathwitch takes no prisoners and offers no mercy. So, get ready for Hell. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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