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Darkest Hour – Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation – CD Review

Darkest Hour is one of tightest bands around—fusing the pure brutality of Metalcore to the fiery aggression of Swedish Style Death Metal.  Their 2003 opus, “Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation” [Victory Records], is their very best yet.  This is pure aggression at its finest.

Shrill, growled vocals explode across a blistering cascade of roaring guitars and thunderous rhythms.  The playing is tightly done, having a strong Thrash influence, but without sacrificing groove.  This one will make you grit your teeth ‘til they bleed.

The most killer of these excellent, serrated cuts includes the visceral “Oklahoma,” “Marching To The Killing Rhythm,” “The Sadist Nation,” “Veritas, Aequitas,” and the ferocious “Accessible Losses.”  Darkest Hour holds nothing back—it’s all beautiful aggression.

In summary, Darkest Hour has released an archetype for Metalcore perfection in “Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation.”  This one is a masterpiece of pure, primal aggression.  Stay savage.  Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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