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Cult Of Luna – The Beyond – CD Review

Cult Of Luna, Sweden’s own sons of Epic/Dark Death Metal, have created a masterpiece. Their 2003 opus, “The Beyond” [Earache Records], is a coup de grace shotgun-blast to the face of mediocrity. Their sound is cavernous—a massive, powerful force of sublime violence.

Unlike most of the other bands from this region, Cult Of Luna avoids the trappings of Swedish Death Metal. They’ve forged their own unique style. Solid, deep growls burn through dense, slow guitar roar. Symphonic samples add a huge, tenebrous atmosphere.

Songs of exceptional brilliance include the expansive “Circle,” “Further,” the abysmal glory of “The Watchtower,” and “Arrival.” Cult Of Luna has a genius all their own.

In final analysis, Cult Of Luna masterfully creates Epic/Dark Death Metal that is awe-inspiring and intense. This one obliterates…. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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