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Cadaver Inc. – Discipline – CD Review

For those with good memories, one might remember a great Grindcore band from around the early 1990’s called Cadaver.  This Norwegian outfit was a influential catalyst for many modern Grindcore, Death, and Black Metal acts throughout the dismal world.  Now the legends have returned with a new name and some new members.

Changing their moniker to Cadaver Inc. and enlisting a few troops from Dimmu Borgir, have created a pathological masterpiece called “Discipline” [Earache Records].  And the universe shuddered in awe…

Cadaver Inc. has a dense, rapid sound that highlights thundering instrumental rampages with precise, catchy guitar blasts.  This is a Blackened Grindcore maelstrom of precise, epic brutality.  Shrill growls stitch through blasting rhythms and concussive guitars—the vocals are the venom on the ax.

The most wicked cool cuts are “Die Like This,” the bruising “Primal,” the acidic roar of “Killtech,” “Deliverance,” “Rupture,” and the voracious beast “Point Zero.”  That’s excellence; that’s discipline.  Cadaver Inc. is condensed rage with a napalm sublimity.

In conclusion, “Discipline” is a macabre vision of the new world disorder.  And I like it…  Stay savage.  Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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