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BOY HITS CAR – (Self-Titled) – CD Review

It's all about the intensity.  That very well should be the mantra for this band.  On their self-titled opus [Wind-Up Records], BOY HITS CAR pushes the limits of conventional Hardcore into the breach of a beautiful madness.  Mixing powerful, emotive Hardcore with Aggro Metal and melodious Pop elements, they have created a work that is at the same time tender and tenacious…beautiful and brutal.  It is a balance in contrasts, and yet it is cohesive in its direction as well as its complexity.

Boy Hits Car has a style that fuses the functional, heavy dynamic of modern Emocore with subtle elements of Pop.  This is then brilliantly impaled with molten Aggro Metal, resulting in a sound that is as sublime as it is severe.  Clean, emotive yells mix with softer moments of angst, and then are juxtaposed against harsh, shrill growls.

Dense, fast electric guitars create crushing grooves, and at times interplay fluidly with efficiently used acoustic guitars in a sparing fashion.  The result is amazing, addictive, and strangely perfect.  It's the sweet caress of a sledgehammer's intent.

The most incredible songs include the caustic allure of “I'm A Cloud” with its angst driven progression, the surreal genius of “As I Watch The Sun Fuck The Ocean,” the wallop of “Man Without Skin,” “Turning Inward,” and “The Rebirth.”  Every track is though…every single one.  (And I'm not exaggerating.)

In summary, this is undoubtedly is one of the BEST releases of the year.  Few can so skillfully and aggressively muster an artistic rage like Boy Hits Car.  What can I say?  I'm hooked.  Stay savage.  Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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