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Anatomy Of A Ghost – Evanesce – CD Review

The ever-expanding genre of Melodic Hardcore has produced some fine acts lately. One of those bands is Anatomy Of A Ghost, whose slightly more adventurous style combines Emo, Pop Punk, and Melodic Hardcore. Their 2003 opus, “Evanesce” [Imusic Records], is a catchy mix of syrup and stomp.

The instrumentals fuse modern, aggressive Hardcore power with softer, more melodic portions with some avant-garde, somewhat discordant elements. The vocals jump between a whiny, clean howls and shrieking growls. Fans of A Static Lullaby will appreciate the Anatomy Of A Ghost dynamic.

The best of these riotous glimmers includes “Last Transmission,” “On To Morning Stars,” the meandering wallop of “Since Yesterday,” “Beauty Is In Its Embrace,” and the melodic intensity of “Streetlights, Empty Wells.” Anatomy Of A Ghost is fierce, fiery, and finely tuned Hardcore for the new generation.

In summary, Anatomy Of A Ghost creates a killer brand of Emo/Melodic Hardcore. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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