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Alien Ant Farm – Anthology CD Review

Looks like insects all gather around the same sugar.  Roaches, Ants… It’s all one big rock n’ roll family picnic these days anyway, right?  The new baby eggs in the spotlight have spat out their catchy, metallic venom in the form of a CD entitled Anthology by Alien Ant Farm, friends of Coby Dick (vocalist for Papa Roach) and the first band to make his label imprint, New Noize.  By now this news is known, so let’s get to the real meat of this picnic. 

Just how good are Alien Ant Farm in the studio?  Well, Anthology seems to be getting plenty of approval.  The KROQ radio “Gods” (by their own standards if the large display of middle fingers they get every time they show themselves at concert venues is any evidence) seem to have attached themselves appropriately, and have slapped that well-worn “new KROQ buzz band” sticker on Alien Ant Farm.  No matter.  The Los Angeles and Hollywood club regulars know that this band has been sweating it out at the dives right along with the rest of them, for quite some time. 

All us “true” music fans knew that Alien Ant Farm were on their way up a long time ago.  Anthology is just proof that we knew what we were talking about, and that we have divine taste.  It’s too bad though; the whole “nu-metal” label is swallowing up so much of what could be a great number of unique bands and sounds.  Alien Ant Farm deserves better than that, as do many other upcoming bands that could make a name for themselves a lot easier if it weren’t for all this damned pigeonholing.

I know of a band from Canada that is on their way up, and much of what I hear from Alien Ant Farm sounds quite similar to them, vocally, and musically.  This *other band has more of a jazz influence to their particular sound, but I could easily see Alien Ant Farm taking them under their wing, having them warm up for them, and then tapping Coby Dick (businessman) for interest.  Who knows?  It could happen!  *This band is called Headspace.  Heard of them?  Don’t worry, you will.

Anyway, the 13 songs (plus a hidden track) on Anthology are served with a thick crunch and a heavy coat of polish that Alien Ant Farm’s already established fan base (sans airplay) are enjoying in large helpings.  The single, track 2 “Movies” was a good choice for radio consumption, and further recognition.  It’s a great song and it shows off the abilities of the band very well.  What you’re hearing on the radio is what you’ll get on Anthology, and lots of it.  What could I do without?  The Michael Jackson cover.  Ick. 

Oh well.  Back to the good stuff.  “Movies” in a nutshell, accurately represents the Alien Ant Farm formula, unlike many other singles that are chosen for the radio, merely because they are the easiest to swallow, then the buyer gets the CD home and hates the rest of it.  There won’t be any of those types of disappointments here.  So what are you waiting for?  Go get some Alien Ant Farm, and a magnifying glass.  You’ll be burning things up in no time. 

Lesa Pence

Special thanks, as always, to the forever awesome Kristine, and to the lovely Ms. Wang at MSO.

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