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Interview With SOiL

Ozzfest 2002 July 19, 2002
Holmdel, NJ

Shaun Glass of SOiL
Shaun Glass of SOiL

UnEarthed.Com caught up with SOiL‘s Shaun Glass on a blisteringly hot day in Holmdel, NJ. Just a few dates into the 2002 incarnation of Ozzfest, the guitarist offered up some insight to the festival tour, the Osbournes, the Chicago metal scene and what the future holds for his band.

Man is it hot today.
It’s the hottest day of the whole tour so far.
How are you handling it on stage?
It’s fuckin’ hot up there.
How did you think the crowds were?
The crowd was good man but I just think that it seems that today especially, for any of the bands on the second stage, the crowd doesn’t seem as rowdy at the other shows but I think maybe it is that way due to this heat. But we had a blast, we still played our music.
What do you do to overcome everyone going ‘Ohhhh, its hot …’?
We just get into out songs because that is what we really love is our own music and at the end of the day, that is why we are here, because we like playing. You always have to remember that sometimes when you are like, not focused because of whatever is going on around you.

I saw you last week out at the Vanderbilt, out in Plainview, Long Island.
That was a blast. That was with Drowning Pool on Off-fest.
How do you like playing at a small club like that as opposed to here at Ozzfest.
It all is the same to me now. Every show to me is the same. Obviously when crowds really get into your music when you are headlining and it is your fan base, that’s different but when you are playing a show like that or like today, it makes no difference to me at all. It’s the same songs, whether its 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 40 minutes, we still pour as much heart and soul into it.

Now you mentioned playing in front of your fan base – you guys are from Chicago. With bands like you, Disturbed, No One, Five Pointe O and Ditchwater all coming out of there, what is in that water??
I don’t know. All of these bands, we are friends and it is really cool because all of our bands sound nothing alike. I can’t wait to get back home. I don’t know man, I think that Chicago always offers a original scene. I don’t think that our scene is like any other scene. I don’t know, maybe because I live there I see if that way but man, our city is nothing like any other scene.

Do you think that is because of Chicago’s musical history? Having so much of the blues come from there …
Maybe, I don’t know. Our roots is really in metal. I grew up on Kiss, [Judas] Priest, stuff like that. Those were the bands that I really grew up on. I think that there is a big hard rock/metal scene in Chicago. And the guys in Disturbed, me and Danny [Donegan] are the same age. We both grew up listening to the same stuff, playing in the same are and the same bands. Whether its SOiL or Disturbed, we are both playing hard rock.

Do you ever stop, look around and just go ‘wow’ look at how far we have come?
No, I don’t. I always think that I gotta do more. I am never satisfied. This is just one level to get to, and I want the next level and the next level. I really do appreciate as far as I gotten in my career but I still think that I can do better with myself.

What do you see as that next level?
The new album. I can’t wait. We have a big European tour coming up in October, and then after that I think we are gonna start gearing up for the next album.

What do you expect to take off the road and bring into the studio? Is there any certain feeling that you have gotten or experiences that you have had touring for this first album that will be brought into the studio?
Yeah, I think that we know in certain ways what songs, why they go over live and what is special about those songs. But at the same time, songs like “Understanding Me” or “Inside” that are a little bit more melodic and laid back, always work in really big arenas – like when we did the Merry Mayhem Tour. When you are playing in a smaller club or outdoor where its wide open, the agro, agro songs always work. We need to combine all of the best elements of everything that we have put on Scars onto the next album.
Have you started doing any writing for it?
Yeah, we have about five songs right now. They are rockin’.

We look forward to hearing it and wish you the best of luck with it. Now, one of the obvious questions that we have to ask with this being Ozzfest, have you experienced the Osbournes much first-hand?
Yeah, well, Jack is a friend of ours. Jack is the reason SOiL is here today. Sharon and Ozzy, Kelly and Jack are great people. We are so proud to see them wave the flag of hard music and keep the crusade. It is great. And I think that this year is one of the best line-ups.

Who do you most enjoy playing with?
I really like Ill Nino, I think they are one of the best bands. They are my favorites, great guys that I hang out with all of the time. Adema, I love. And, of course, Black Label Society – Zakk Wylde. Zakk with Ozzy is god. There really isn’t a band on the two stages that really isn’t that great. I think every band is really awesome. And I think Pulse Ultra is really a cool new band. I think their cd is pretty rockin’.

How/Why did you guys get set up with the Off-fest shows?
We are just trying to fill up all of the holes – those days off on Ozzfest for Ozzy and then there is so much to set up for production each day. Off-fest for us has been really cool. Some shows we are headlining, some are with Adema, some with Drowning Pool, some with both of them and Flaw and Ill Nino – it’s really cool.

I always end my interviews with the same question – how much fun are you having?
I’m havin’ a lot of fun. It’s stressful but fun. And I always try to remember when I am mad or pissed off about something that I should enjoy this because I could die tomorrow.

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