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Interview with MXPX

For starters, basically lets get this question out of the way: How do you like the tour so far?
We love touring.
You like the way the Warped Tour is setup?
Yep. We wouldn’t keep coming back if we didn’t.
Do you prefer the bigger venues or do you like the smaller venues better?
Ya know, it’s cool to do bigger places like this, the go back and do smaller places; it’s fun.
So you enjoy the whole experience?
Yeah, its fun, ya know. Switching it up and doin’ different things

The other “important” question I have for you: Talking to different people, and searching the internet, you always come up with a different answer, but what DOES MXPX stand for?
It’s an abbreviation for the original name, Magnified Plaid. We always used both MXPX and Magnified Plaid, but Magnified Plaid didn’t fit on the flyers of any decent size, ya know, so we always had both. And later decided Magnified Plaid was a dumb name. So we stuck with MXPX.

You guys have been around for quite a while, and have you noticed a change in your audience as your music and lyrics get more mature?
Um, yeah, I mean obviously, the people who have liked us for awhile are getting older but at the same time there’s new people coming in. So there’s a good variety. Every time we play a show there are always people who are seein’ us for the first time and people who’ve seen us there twenty times. So, its cool, its fun.

Have you been following the Dead Kennedy’s case at all?
No, what’s goin’ on with that?
Oh, Jello Biafra’s being sued by his band because he took their royalties.
Oh, did he?! Ouch!
How would you have voted on that jury?
Well, if it was rightfully their money I would give them their money because, ya know, if it was just Jello Biafra, then It wouldn’t have been the Dead Kennedys, yeah? And was Jello, I mean, he’s done stuff, but nothing as big and the Dead Kennedys, so obviously you’ve got to acknowledge that other people had some input in it, ya know? Whatever though, that’s their deal.

With your music, I’ve notices a lot of your music has kind of a bad slant towards women…
Not that way, I mean…
Like Limp Bizkit?
No, no, Like a lot of heartbreak and…
Yeah, yeah
Does it come from personal experience or is it just a good thing to write songs about?
Personal experience
Your own?
Yeah. Girls can be really lame. But they can also be really cool though, ya know?

Well, that’s basically it. Thank you for your time.
Hey, no problem. Take care.

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