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Interview with Dogstar

W: How often do you get together and play – or rehearse – before a gig?
Bret: Hah!!!
W: (Laughs) Night before…
Bret: The question of the ages!
Keanu: Sometimes once, sometimes for three weeks.
Bret: That’s dependant on schedule. There is no easy answer.

W: What are your views on Napster?
Bret: If they could do it like the radio does…. They use it as a promotional tool– that’s fine. Like, if you could play it on the Internet without being able to get it– that would be great. But the fact that people can just go ahead, and just put it in their computer and just leave it there… then they’re never going to go buy the record. It hurts the band.
Keanu: Well it’s about rights as opposed to commerce…. It’s the rights of the artist, as well. That’s what they’re fighting for… So– what? You have enough money now, so you have no rights? It’s like– What is *that*?
Bret: They’re stealing from them…. Was that a real answer?

Taken from the Dogstar Newsletter #5

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