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Whiskey 3/31/00 : Chapter 23 and Slaves on Dope

Twas the night before April, when all through Hollywood Not a creature was moshing, not even a drunk; The tickets were bought through Ticketmaster with a surcharge, In hopes that music would soon be heard.

The concert goers were waiting in the Whisky, while visions of a killer metal show danced in their heads; and Dead Lesa with her notepad, and I with my camera, had just settled down for a killer show.

When up on the second floor there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the floor to see what was the matter. Away to the stage I flew like a flash, tore open my camera bag without leaving a gash.

The lights of the Whisky, turned very low, gave the concert goers a reason to glow. When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a bad ass band from LA, with in hand a beer.

Chapter 23 was the name of the band, who will soon be known throughout the land. An energetic performance was given for us to see, which we received ever so pleasantly.

With old favorites of ‘Back to the Womb‘, ‘Freeload Theory‘ and ‘Run‘, everyone had open mouths and looked on with stun. New favorites of ‘Bring it On‘ and ‘In This‘ were sure to bring us great bliss.

Slaves on Dope was the next band on stage, a band who will also be on the Ozzfest 2000 stage. The authoritative show that the Slaves bestow to the gathering, left us wanting more and salivating.

7-11‘, ‘Bitch Slap‘, ‘Tremolo‘, and ‘Pushing Me‘, Out of the speakers these songs did fly. The craving ears of the Whisky, were most certainly fed to satisfy.

After the set was done, I began to sigh, ‘How can this be over? I think I will cry.’ So Dead Lesa and I said our good-nights, so we could go home and watch ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights‘.

Ok.. so I should stick to writing non rhyming reviews. I wanted to have some fun, sue me. Be sure to catch Slaves on Dope on this years Ozzfest and while your surfing anyways, checkout Chapter 23‘s badass site. You know you wanna be down.

– Metalboy

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