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Type O Negative – CBGBs NY, NY – 06/13/03

Come on get miserable, Type O Negative is back.

After taking an extended leave, Brooklyn's worst has returned with a new album, Life Is Killing Me. To celebrate the release and thank fans for their patience, Type O played a special invite-only show at New York's famous CBGBs on Friday the 13th.

With tickets available only through contests, an intimate crowd waded through the appropriately overcast and rainy New York evening to see an all-to-quick one hour set.

Clad in special Life Is Killing Me hospital scrubs (which were, of course, available for purchase), the freakish four were amazingly tight and on the mark for their first live performance together in over a year. Frontman Peter Steele kept most of his witty pessimistic remarks to himself because, as he said, “we only have an hour, and you didn't come to hear me talk”. Steele did however manage to get one self-inflicted barb in – after momentarily leaving the stage before the set-ending “Black No. 1“, he came back on apologizing that his “colostomy bag was leaking, while we sound like shit, I don't want to smell like it”.

Despite playing in the cozy setting of CBGBs, Type O's sound actually came across very crisp and clear. They played songs across their discography, from Slow, Deep and Hard's “Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity” to “I Don't Wanna Be Me“, the new single from Life Is Killing Me. In fact, the former was the lone song Type O played from their recently released album, and most likely the only one that will see inclusion in set lists for the band's summer swing through the United States. Steele has been quoted in the past saying that he is loathe to play songs live that people might not have heard yet.

On this dismal night the select few that were unlucky enough to get tickets were able to come away from the show not hating the band any more than they did when they went in. And that is a compliment that even Type O Negative should accept.

Set List:
Pain (intro)
Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty of Infidelity
Love You To Death
Everyone I Love Is Dead
Gravity (had some of “Black Sabbath” at end)
Christian Woman
I Don't Wanna Be Me
Black No. 1

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