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Troubadour 9/11/00

The Troubadour makes Mondays not suck as much as we all know they do with their free Monday shows. And this night, there were four bands to rock the house: Gifted, MUGG, Prizefighter and Downer. Gifted started the night off to a good groove, rock’n the house for their entire set. The singer had changed his look a little with short hair, well shorter than usual, which had a blue tint to it. Gifted has started to acquire quite a following in the LA Scene. I have seen their crowd grow at every show. I started to watch the crowd more and saw quite a number of people singing along with the band. Not much more that you can ask for, the crowd singing along with you.

MUGG‘s set didn’t start off the usual way, it began with a remix of ‘Shine‘ and then the theme for Shaft came through the speakers of the Troubadour. As Bobby said ‘We haven’t been here for a while, but we’re going to slap you upside your ass one more time!’ ‘I Am‘ was the first offering from MUGG followed by ‘bugg‘ and ‘p.s.p.‘ I must say, that when Bobby gets into his jumping spin move, it’s fucking insane! I really have just one question, why haven’t they been signed yet? For purely selfish reasons, I’m glad they are still around, I get to see them at least once a month. I know, selfish me. Bad Metalboy.

Prizefighter took the stage after MUGG, and from Prizefighters banner, you know you were in for something a little different: Red start and mannequin heads painted red. One by one, the members of Prizefighter came walking onto the stage, most notably, Stick in a nice red dress with a tiara. Cute. This was to be Prizefighters last show of the year, so they knew that they had to put on a memorable show, which they did. Their set included, ‘Romance‘, ‘To the West‘, ‘The Girl‘ and my Prizefighter favorite, ‘No Love‘. At one point during their set, members of Nfusion, MUGG and Prizefighter’s crew came out with red balloons and silly string and made a complete mess out of the Troubadour. Freaking cool.


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