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Troubadour — 10/1/99

Beto C. from Chapter 23 pounding his bass.Lets just skip the usual setup and dive right into the show. Shall we? Chapter 23 was the band the opened up the show. If you haven’t heard of these guys, listen up! These guys are freaking AWESOME! Jerry’s vocals echoed through the Troubadour while Louie and Christians guitars, Beto’s bass and Marco’s drums pounded the Troub’s walls and guests. Freeload and Down were just some of the songs that were played by the Chapter 23. As always, Chapter 23’s pit was going off and the more action the pit saw the more aggressive Chapter 23 sounded. Do yourself a BIG favor and check these guys out! Would I steer you wrong?

One Side Zero was the next band to take the Troubadours stage. This was my first time seeing One Side Zero play and I really hope that they will be playing around here again soon. The vocals were outstanding and their music was remarkable.

Slaves on Dope on stage at the Troubadour

After One Side Zero, Chocolate Cisco took the stage to announce Slaves on Dope arrival to the stage and when they did, they dominated the Troubadour! The Slaves played Pushing Me, Bitch Slap, Sit Down, a couple of new tunes and a few oldies to round out their set. Slaves on Dope were running and jumping all over the stage, the packed crowd was doing just about the same thing on the floor! I love these guys.

Now it was time for the headlining band, The Apex Theory. Serj from System of a Down was on hand to witness The Apex Theory (the night after they where knocked off the Family Values tour which is a subject that angers me). I thought the Troub was packed for Slaves on Dope, but they were able to squeeze in a few more people. The Apex Theory played a tremendous set and everyone, I mean everyone in the Troubadour was moving to the sounds that The Apex Theory was producing. Overall the night was awesome!

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