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The Whisky – June 28th

Once upon a time, our fateful traveler took upon himself to make a pilgrimage to the famous Whisky A-Go-Go to see a group of traveling musicians.  Upon entering the Whisky, to his surprise, the first group of musicians had already taken the stage.  Looking at his timepiece, our hero had found out that the first troupe had already been playing for quite some time.  Distraught, he listened to the remaining songs of Gold Tooth, who played heavy music that the group of on lookers should have been thrashing around to, but were too sluggish.

The next band of musicians to inherit the stage was Clown X.  These young musicians have a great sound to them, which pleased the crowd of onlookers at the Whisky.  Clown X started off their set with the tune of ‘Bright‘ and continued on with the ever so catchy ‘Here We Go Again‘ followed by songs entitled ‘Spank Bank‘, the favorite tune of our traveler ‘Fallen.‘  Our traveler was heard saying that he will be looking for other gatherings of musicians where the ensemble of Clown X is performing.

The next couple of troupes of musicians were Full Scale Model, who had a funk-rock sound, and Strapt, a six piece who have three vocalists, who have a very interesting sound to them.  Some of the offerings that Strapt presented to the gathering of music lovers at the Whisky where ‘Invisible Killer‘, ‘the Bitch Song‘ and their self proclaimed metal song of ‘Family Tree.‘ At one point of Strapt’s set, one of the singers was stomping of the stage and kicked one of the patron’s beers and it spilled all over the stage.  The fan saw what had happened and was greatly upset.  But since this is not a tragedy, the beer was replaced and joy was had.

Strain 999 entertained the gathering of music devotees for a short but sweet set.  Strain 999 started the show off with ‘Sickened‘, a very heavy and technological song that many members of the crowd enjoyed and showed thanks to Strain 999 by nodding their heads repeatedly.  ‘Hollow‘ a new song by Strain 999, which shows the awesome force and creativity that Strain 999 has.  Other songs that followed were ‘Just Like You‘, ‘Wait and See‘ and ‘Concrete‘.

The last band of musicians for the night was Good vs. Evil, but our traveler did not witness this event.

So what do you like better, reviews that rhyme or stories?  Send complaints to Brian at brian@unearthed.com.  All I can say is that I started reading those Harry Potter books and I thought that I should make my own story.

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