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The Whiskey 10/28/99

- Heather from Hydrovibe on stage at the Whiskey -Before I begin, I’d like to thank Mark at MA Entertainment. You rule. Now, on with the show! When the doors open at 8pm and there is already a line, you know you’re in for a packed show, well most of the time. Tonight was no different, by the end of Hydrovibe‘s set the place is packed. Yes, I got a head of myself. The last time the Louisiana based Hydrovibe played at the Whiskey everything was, well, FUBAR. 6 bands on the bill, plus a special guest during Hydrovibe’s set. Hydrovibe played 3 songs and were told to leave the stage due to time limitations. But that was last time, this time everything went so smoothly. Hydrovibe was incredible, Road Rage and Mind Clarity have never sounded better. The time passed way too quickly and Hydrovibes set was completed.

Next up was DedEx and what a set they had! I swear every show that DedEx performs they give it 110% not satisfied until everyone is moving along to their infectious sounds. Coma99, Greet the Machine and other DedEx favorites where played. Dirty was jumping all over the stage, Keith flicking his picks at the crowd, Jason pounding his drum kit, and D-Hauz distributing his vocal assault on the Whiskey. The whole set was just awesome.

- Sizzo on stage at the Whiskey -Livid was the next band to take the stage at the Whiskey opening with one of my favorite Livid songs, El Diablo. A few songs later, Sizzo explains that the last few months have been hard on the band as family and family friends had passed away, lighting candles in their memory. Livid also played two new songs that night; one of them was called Crush. I can honestly say that the new songs are simply amazing. Full of emotion and power, you will be left craving more. Sizzo told me that Livid has more new songs coming in the near future so do yourself a favor, see Livid!

The next band to take the stage was The Deadlights, who drove 2 straight days from their latest tour date with Type-O Negative at Virginia Beach, Virginia to play. From the get go you are pulled into the music that The Deadlights create. There was movement everywhere, from the jumping on stage and off to the pits and the crowd surfers, The Deadlights gave everyone something to groove too.

- M.C.U.D. from Hed(PE) crowd surfing at the Whiskey -Now it was time for Hed(pe). Let the insanity begin! This was my first time seeing Hed (pe) and damn, I’ve been missing some pretty crazy stuff! The sparks were flying from DJ Product’s setup, M.C.U.D. was crowd surfing (at least three times!) this band is unquestionably one of the most entertaining bands that I’ve seen in a long time. If you want something to get you moving, pumped full of energy, go see this band. Scientists say that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Well, those scientists haven’t seen a Hed(pe) show.

Overall this was one kick ass show.

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