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The Whiskey 10/15/99

Ok, so I was once again informed by the Band Bitch guys that I should go to the Whiskey on the 15th of October to see Systematic. I thought, “Hell, they know what they are talking about. I’ll go.” So I get to the club as the first band starts. Turns out the first band is Defunct! It has been a while since I last saw Defunct and I must say, these guys have improved over the last few months. Although there had been a few lineup changes these guys rocked the Whiskey, complete with new songs. Check these boys out the next time you can.

Adam using the camera to his advantage.Now it was time for the band that I was there to see play. At first glance you’d think that they were going to sound hard, raspy vocals,complete with the KoRn/Limp Bizkit sound. But, to my surprise, I was dead wrong. Tim’s vocals were not the usual raspy sounding, but a more melodic sounding voice, a welcome change. The combined sound of Systematic is awesome. Yes, the band is heavy. Think of this, if you will, Pantera style music with old Anthrax vocals (Joe Belladonna style). That’s close to what Systematic sounds like, to me at least. The bassist, Nick, was jumping all over the stage at the Whiskey. Adam, Systematic’s guitarist was also moving about the Whiskeys stage with authority. Phillip, drums, was pounding his kit for all its worth, shaking the Whiskey. For their whole set, Systematic was kick’n ass and not bothering to take names. I am very glad that I was asked to see this show.

Nick getting air on stage at the Whiskey 10.15.1999Afterwards I talked a little with Systematic’s Manager and had a chance to talk with the guys. These guys are very cool. Definitely see Systematic play the next time they come down from San Fransisco.

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