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The Roxy and the Coconut Teaszer – 6/14/99

The night started out like any other night.. drive to the show.. get into the club.. have fun. But all was not well at the Roxy. There was a sign on the Roxy’s door stating that both Grip Inc. and Nevermore dropped off the bill. The show was almost cancelled. Now that would have sucked! So that left Strain 999, Medium and Agrokulcher to play.

Most people saw that Grip Inc. wasn’t playing, so they turned around and left. FOOLS! Strain 999 was up first and played an energetic set. Since there were only three bands playing, each band got a 45 minute set. And Strain 999 used their time for all it was worth. After Strain 999, Medium took the stage.

Wow! Medium took me by surprise! Medium sounds a lot like Primus, but with their own little flavor to it. I can’t say enough about this band! Very entertaining, killer sound, damn good. Medium will be playing with Agrokulcher again and Livid in July. I seriously hope you check them out whenever you get the chance. You’ll thank me later.

Then the headliner, Agrokulcher, took the stage. They open their vigorous set with ‘God’. Bill, the bassist for Agrokulcher even got air! That was the first time that I’ve seen good ole Mr. Bill get airborne! Next on the set list was ‘Fadeaway’, then ‘I Suppose’. For all of the old Agrokulcher fans that have been seeing Agrokulcher over the years, ‘Run’ was played. It was a special night for one Chicken Hawk ( a member of the audience ) for it was his birthday.. he and his friends were crazy.. pumping more energy into Agrokulcher’s already powerful set. The next song, Matt requested that everyone in the pit hug, and the mellow ‘My Mind’ was played. Then, my favorite, ‘Song No. 5’ blasted from the speakers. Damn what a commanding song! Everyone was moving, you can’t help it! It’s crazy I tell ya! Next was a new song that I haven’t heard before. Awesome. I think the name of the song was ‘Surprise’, but I’m not sure. The last song was the newly revamped ‘What Ya Gonna Do’. I tell you.. if this band does not make it big.. I’ll be shocked. I can’t get enough of this band.

After Agrkulcher was done the night was over.. or so it seemed. In the house was Slaves on Dope. They informed everyone that they could that they were playing that night at the Coconut Teaszer. So some of use made the trek over to the Teaszer to see them play. Midnight slot; and still these guys had a very exciting set. Jason was all over the stage. (Yea its not that hard. Small stage, but still.. he was everywhere!) These guys rocked the house! Keep you eyes on these guys. MP3’s will be available soon of Slaves on Dope. Ear Candy. Neet.

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