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The Roxy 9/30/99Earth to Andy and Cheap Trick

So I get this email at 3:02pm on the day of the show asking me if I could make it to the Roxy that night to see Earth to Any and Cheap Trick. Not having any plans, I responded with a ‘Ya … anything you need me to do there tonight?’ I get a response of just bring your camera .. just in case. Ok cool, so I get to the Roxy at a little after 7pm, camera in hand. I get my ticket and a while later the Band Bitch group and I head into the Roxy for the festivities.

Earth to Andy onstage at the Roxy 9/30/99A little after 9pm Earth to Andy takes the stage. Wow! These guys are really good! The crowd really gets into the music of Earth to Andy. The powerful lyrics and the melodic sounds compliment each other making the whole experience of Earth to Any something that is not to be missed! Too bad the show was a ‘Listen and Win’ show by KLOS so anyone off the street couldn’t have gone it to witness the show, but the good part was the audience was filled with fans of the bands playing that night. Sort of bitter sweet, ya know?

Rick Nielsen getting his groove-thang onCheap Trick was on after Earth to Andy, playing a few old songs but the majority of the songs were new ones off their new album ‘Music for Hangovers’ which if you are a Cheap Trick Fan, you will not be disappointed! Cheap Trick rocked the Roxy and had the crowd moving. It was a killer show and I was glad that I could be a part of it. Much thanks to Band Bitch and Friends, Carrie Tucker @ Giant, and the bands!

For more information of Earth to Andy check out www.streetteam.net

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