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The Roxy 12/29/2000 – (hed)p.e. and Spineshank

Spineshank at the GlassHouse - Photo by Brian MayOn Friday, Dec. 29, 2000, Orange County bad boys (hed)p.e. took the Roxy in Hollywood by storm. But first, the Los Angeles crew Spineshank rocked the house. This four-piece band showed much love to the audience, which was composed of several personal friends and extremely dedicated fans. They managed to keep the moshing and stage diving continuously going from the minute they stepped onto the stage until their final tune. The band played well together, and the sound was tight. When Spineshank left the stage, several of their fans filed out of the Roxy, making way for the (hed)p.e. followers to step in.

After the traditional painstakingly long wait for the headliner was finally over, (hed)p.e.‘s dread-locked lead singer, M.C.U.D., walked out on stage sporting white face paint. By the third tune, most of it had melted away. Their performance was absolutely flawless, as several months of touring had finally perfected the stage presence of these seasoned rockers. The sound was not as extravagant or grandiose as it was when they played the Tattoo The Earth tour, but there was just enough pure bass and raw guitar to keep the Roxy rattling throughout their long set. Most songs came from the band’s sophomore outing, Broke (which got its name from rumors that circulated prior to the album’s release suggesting the band had gone broke and no longer existed).

(hed)p.e. at the GlassHouse - Photo by Brian May(Hed)p.e. is famous for blending rock, hip-hop, funk, and even reggae in a manner that sets them apart from the dime-a-dozen “rapcore” bands currently ruling Soundscan sales charts. Broke was released under much critical acclaim, but sales are no where near such bands as Limp Bizkit or Papa Roach. In the middle of the show, M.C.U.D. gave thanks to KROQ 106.7 Los Angeles for being the first radio station in the country to play the first single off of their latest CD, titled Bartender. This incited a roar of “boos” from the audience, which was quickly silenced by M.C.U.D.’s proclamation that it takes “balls” to play any of (hed)p.e.’s music on mainstream radio. He also gave props to System of a Down and Slipknot for helping the band gain exposure.

During the set, a monstrous mosh pit broke out in the center of the Roxy. Spilled beer and sweat, which layered the floor, caused many to slip and fall, making the scene rather comical. But fellow “pitters” were quick to pick up the fallen, and no injuries resulted. When all was said and done, (hed)p.e. had pulled off another one of their infamous and obscenely creative shows without a hitch…as true fans knew they would.

– Rikk eLhaj

Editors Note: The photo’s are from the next night’s show at the Glass House in Pomona and UnEarthed would like to welcome Rikk Hage to UnEarthed.Com’s family!

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