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The Glass House 10/7/99

Once again my travels take me to the Glass House in Pomona CA, for a killer show. I got there a little after 7 and the doors don’t open up until 8 and there is already a line that is half a block long. How cool is that? I go to the ticket booth, get my ticket and photo pass and head into the Glass House.

Jason on Stage at the Glass House A little after 8 MUGG takes the stage and from the start MUGG takes hold of you. I really love their stage presence. MUGG goes off on the small stages of the Roxy and Troubadour, it was only natural for MUGG to go nuts on the big stage at the Glass House. It really seemed as if MUGG was at home on the stage. Bobby was going insane, jumping around every playing to the crowd. Jeff, Adam and Jason were all equally as enthusiastic as Bobby. MUGG was just feeding off the crowd, as was the crowd feeding off MUGG. Not bad for the opening band. I couldn’t wait to see what was coming later in the night! This was one of the best MUGG shows that I have seen. I really hope that they get to play at the Glass House again sometime soon.

The Deadlights took the stage after MUGG and just like MUGG played to the crowd and really looked as if they were having a blast up there. It’s really cool to see bands enjoy playing for the fans and taking their energy to play that much harder. I remember seeing this band a little over a year ago under the name of Suction, and to say they haven’t changed would be a lie. The line-up is the same, but they have matured over the past few months. Their sound is more defined, its extremely hard not to move to it.

After the Deadlights it was Dope‘s turn to play. The first time I saw Dope was last month with Static-X and Fear Factory. The New York based band is a hard rocking band to say the least. The crowd really seemed to get into Dope’s style, there’s nothing worse for a band than a still crowd. Dope played a solid set; you know the band members are into what they do when they have the band name tattooed on their fingers (at least Edsel does).

Koichi jammingNow it was time for the headlining band, Static-X. Wow! The best shows are always at home! Static-X started off the their set stating one simple rule. No pooping. After that Static-X’s played their set which included just about every song on their CD, plus Down and a cover of Ministry’s ‘Burning Inside‘ which Wayne said they recorded in Chicago during Ozzfest to be put on the Crow ]I[ soundtrack. For Static-X’s first 3 or 4 songs the bright white lights on the front of the stage were pointed directly on the band members, making the stage even hotter, so Wayne asked for the lights to be turned off so he could see all of their friends. Static-X has always been one to let other band members play a with them (Shavo from System) and tonight was no exception. For the second to last song, ‘Push It‘, Marcello from Soulfly helped out to play guitar for Wayne. Also members from The Deadlights and Spikeshank helped out with the chorus. How cool is that? Overall this show was freaking awesome, truly one of the best shows of this year.

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