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The Coconut Teaszer – 08/27/99

Sorry it took so long to get this review up, but I’m just a slacker, what can I say?

I think there were about five or six bands there that night, but unfortunately we only saw two. But the two bands we saw were great. Agrokulcher, who is no stranger to UnEarthed.Com, and a band we hadn’t seen before, Sour.

Agrokulcher played first, well actually third but they were the first we saw. It’s no secret that Agrokulcher is a favorite of us here at UnEarthed. As usual, they did not disappoint, I should say that I’ve been out of the country for 2 months so I hadn’t seen them play in probably two and a half to three months, but they were possibly the best I’ve ever seen them this night. The addition of Matt DeJoy as singer is probably the best thing to happen to this band. They just continually get better every time I see them since he joined the band. Even in a venue as unforgiving as the Teaszer, they were awesome, completely energetic, sounded great. I just can’t say enough good things about this band.

Well if I keep going it’s gonna sound like they paid me, so I’ll continue on to the next band, Sour. Like I said earlier, we had never seen them before, but they were very good. They are a very energetic band, and very animated, which isn’t easy at the Teaszer. Sativa, the singer, has a great voice, which coming from me is saying quite a bit, because I often times don’t like the sound of female singers, but I like her voice. DD, the guitarist, is great, like I said, very energetic. Overall, a great band, and you should definitely try to catch them live whenever you can.

Unfortunately, it’s been like two weeks since this show, and I don’t remember who else was playing this night, so I can’t even give them honorable mention. If you know, feel free to email me at seth@unearthed.com and tell me who else was there, and I’ll be happy to add the names to the review.

There are pics of both bands from this night in the Multimedia Section here at UE. Try to catch these bands live, support the scene.

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